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Paintings and Drawings I've done


This one has a bit of a story..
This is an old pillow case. I was out of canvases and needed something to paint on. I wrapped this around an old canvas I had already used and taped it into place. I drew the mask first. I wasn't really sure what else I wanted in the piece so I asked for suggestions from my Mr. Grimm. He suggested I make it an under water scene as though the mask had fallen to the bottom of the ocean. I liked it so this is what I came up with...
This however is not a painting. It is done with color pencils and a fine tip sharpie..
The mask came from my Mr. Grimm's collection set from BIOSHOCK the video game





Mother's Day painting

This is the painting I did for my mom for mothers day in "2011"


This is one of my earlier paintings titled " Tales"
Its a perception piece.
Where what you think it is, is what it is!!


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